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Cove City is a city featured in the U.S Special Editions. It is one of Rachel's favourite places to visit.


Cove City is quite large, with its won baseball team, the Cove City Gulls. There is a bandshell near the waterfront, where events can be held. Cove City also has its own hotel, zoo and park. There is the Cove City College, with a gymnasium on its large campus.

Notable residents

  • Ivy and her family, Rachel's relatives
  • Jim Fay, the star player in the Cove City Gulls baseball team

Stories set in Cove City

Chelsea the Congratulations Fairy


Cove City in Chelsea's book

Rachel and Kirsty are visiting Cove City to watch Rachel's cousin Ivy's graduation ceremony! They enjoy their tour around the city until Chelsea's objects have been stolen, and Ivy's ceremony is in trouble!

Carmen the Cheerleading Fairy


Cove City in Carmen's book

The girls return to Cove City as Kirsty's cheerleading squad is taking part in the Junior Cheerleading Competition but everything goes wrong when Carmen's objects are missing.