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Chrissie the Wish Fairy

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Chrissie illustration

Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Christmas Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Christmas card, carol sheet, wooden spoon
Symbol(s) Red and white presents
Preceding Flora the Fancy Dress Fairy
Succeeding Shannon the Ocean Fairy
Location Tippington Town
Special Thanks Narinder Dhami
Publish date UKflag 4 October 2007
Sweflag 17 September 2009

Chrissie the Wish Fairy is the 7th fairy in the Holiday Special Fairies series.


Chrissie has long, blonde wavy hair pushed back by a red hairband. She wears a white dress with a red bow around the middle and a fluffy, red hemline and little red high heels. Her wings are diamond-shaped and red tinted. 

Symbol: Red and white presents. 

Magic Objects/Job:

Magic Objects: 

  1. Christmas Card: whoever it holding it makes a wish!
  2. Wooden Spoon: making a wish while stirring Christmas puddings.
  3. Carol Sheet: spreads good cheer and wishes while singing carols. 

Job: Making sure Christmas wishes come true.

Jack Frost's Poem:

Goblins, do as I command,

And go right now to the human land

Search high, search low, search everywhere

For fairy items hidden there.

Christmas wishes won't come true

If you do as I ask of you

Find Chrissie's magic items soon --

Magic Card, Carol Sheet and Spoon.


  • In most pictures, Chrissie has one strand of hair over her shoulder.
  • Her Swedish name is Glimra.


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