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Cherry the Cake Fairy




Cherry illustration

Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Party Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) A red party bag
Symbol(s) Red cherries

Cherry the Cake Fairy is the first fairy in the Party Fairies series.

Profile from the Official RM Facebook Page

Cherry specializes in creating fanciful cakes of all shapes and sizes. If a party is in danger of being ruined by a spoiled cake, Cherry rushes from fairyland to save the day. Her incredible creations are almost too beautiful to eat, but they are also too delicious to resist. Her wand sends out swirls of tiny red cherries and glittering purple magic. Cherry doesn't mind seeing her works of edible art reduced to crumbs, because she's already looking forward to creating the next one. She's always cheerful and optimistic. Instead of dwelling on today's failures, she'd much rather be looking forward to tomorrow's triumphs.


Cherry has long curly brown hair, tied back into pigtail bunches held by red ribbons. She wears a pink, wrap-around top with a red puffy skirt, stripy red-and-white knee-length socks, a red cherry pendant and red party shoes. Her wings are red tinted. 


Cherry is very hard working, sweet and eager to please. 

Role in Fairyland

Cherry the Cake Fairy is in charge of making sure that birthday cakes everywhere are delicious and look great. She also works as a chef in Fairyland making delicious pastries and cakes for numerous events and parties.

Magic Item: Cherry's magic item is a red party bag, filled with glittering red fairy dust. The fairy dust is to help Cherry with her job.


  • Cherry's favourite dessert is Black Forest cake.
  • The name Cherry comes from a red fruit.
  • Her German name is 'Tina Törtchen, which translates to 'Tina Tart'.
  • Her Swedish name is Tilda.
  • Her Spanish name is Paula.


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