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Carly the Schoolfriend Fairy



Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Special Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Book bag, Safety goggles, Disco ball
Symbol(s) Red pencils & white rulers
Preceding Nicki the Holiday Camp Fairy
Succeeding Autumn the Falling Leaves Fairy
Location Tippington Town
Special Thanks Sarah Levison
Publish date UKflag 4 July 2013
NAflag 25 August 2015

Carly the Schoolfriend Fairy (U.S name: Carly the School Fairy) is the 26th fairy in the Holiday Special Fairies series.


Carly has olive skin and shoulder length black hair with a blunt fringe and black glasses. She wears a red tunic dress with a bright yellow scarf and white top, white stockings, red and black brogues and a charm bracelet on her left wrist. Her wings are pointy and red tinted. 

Symbol: Red pencils and white rulers. 

Magic Objects/Job: 

Magic Objects:

  1. The Bookbag helps everyone to concentrate and spell correctly.
  2. The Safety Goggles make sure science is lots of fun, and experiments are safe.
  3. The Glitter Ball makes sure everyone enjoys important school events, like dances, discos and sports days. 

Job: Carly's job is to look after ALL types of school events, including competitions. 

Jack Frost's Poem

My goblins are such a naughty bunch,

Why can't they just behave for once?

Hmm, I know what would be super cool...

I'll send the goblins to human school!

We'll steal Carly's magical objects,

To help the goblins learn new subjects.

My servants will have so much to do,

And I'll get some precious time off, too!


  • Carly's shoes and tunic are pink in the U.S. version.
  • Carly's helpers are the School Days Fairies.
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