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Candy Land Fairies
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Series 28th
Number 172-175*
Preceding Baby Farm Animal Fairies
Succeeding Funfair Fairies
Logo None
Location Wetherbury Village
Special Thanks Rachel Elliot
Publish date UKflag 5 October 2017
NAflag 29 May 2018

The Candy Land Fairies (U.S name: Sweet Fairies) is the 28th series and represents various sweets. Without the fairies' magical sweets, things will go wrong for the Fairyland Candy Harvest and they will be unable to protect sweets everywhere.

There are four Candy Land fairies and they are: Monica the Marshmallow Fairy, Gabby the Bubble Gum Fairy, Lisa the Jelly Bean Fairy and Shelley the Sherbet Fairy.


Rachel is staying with Kirsty. They meet Monica the Marshmallow Fairy who takes them to Fairyland to meet the other fairies. The pair are delighted when they are asked to join the Candy Harvest and Feast. But after Jack Frost steals the Candy Land Fairies magical objects, sweets everywhere are at risk. Can the girls get them back before it's too late? 

Jack Frost's Poem

Give me candy! Give me sweets!

Give me sticky, fizzy treats!

Lollipops and fudge so yummy -

Bring them here to fill my tummy.

Monica, I'll steal from you.

Gabby, Lisa, Shelley, too.

I will build a sweetie shop,

So I can eat until I pop!

The Fairies 

Monica the Marshmallow Fairy


Monica flew out of Rachel's suitcase. She has shoulder length light brown hair. She wears a fluffy white jumper, blue skirt and pink wedge-heeled sandals with a star pendant. Her job is to make sure marshmallows are fluffy and taste good.

Gabby the Bubble Gum Fairy


Gabby was under the slide in the Park when the girls saw it glowing. She has wavy medium-length pink hair and wears a shirt and a long flowing skirt. Her job is to make sure all bubblegum works perfectly as it should and tastes great. 

Lisa the Jelly Bean Fairy


(aka Franny the Jelly Bean Fairy)

Lisa was hiding in the girls' bag of jelly beans when she found them again. She has puffy, curly blonde hair and wears an off-the-shoulder frilly pearl coloured shirt and cropped jeans. She makes sure all jellybeans taste good.

Shelley the Sherbet Fairy

Shelley was hiding in the girls' bag of presents. She has brown hair in a bun and wears a yellow playsuit and sandals. She makes sure that sherbets don't explode and tangy fizzy sweets taste good. 


  • 3 out of 4 fairies wear some form of sandal.
  • They have similar jobs to the Sweet Fairies.
  • In the US, they were formerly known as Candy Fairies before changed into Sweet Fairies. However, they are not connected to the UK Sweet Fairies series.
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