• Amathist1998

    Help me!

    June 15, 2017 by Amathist1998

    Hi so in late may I ordered Sianne and Kat on Book depository but to my shock in a weeks time only Sianne arrived but then I went to check on book depository and it said to be published 6 September 2018 even though other sites say 1 June 2017 and that it cannot be cancelled, I was so shocked and speechless that I dont know what to do now?

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  • LexsJB


    How are you? I'm alright thanks. I don't mean to throw another blog at your face in less than a week but as a frequent user of the wiki, my first thought when I find out something about the series is sharing it here!

    A couple of weeks ago, I spent my weekend noting down who wrote each fairy book for the Daisy Meadows page! It took quite a lot of effort and when I finished, I wanted to find the authors' websites/profiles too.

    So because I'm a pretty curious person, I was actually brave enough to email Narinder Dhami and Sue Mongredien on what happens in the fairy factory. So these are basically the questions I asked them.

    1. When and why did you stop writing?

    2. What's the process behind character creation?

    3. Do you keep up with the series?


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  • CoolStar1998

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to make this because I wanted to look back over my years of collecting up until now. And I'm not trying to copy LexsJB's Rainbow Reminiscing blog, I thought of doing this anyway.

    I first started noticing Rainbow Magic when I was 9 years old. The first books I ever got were the Rainbow Fairies, Weather Fairies, India, Cherry, Jasmine and Katie. I enjoyed them so much I went on the hunt in book stores for more. One year I went to a Fete and spotted a stall with RM books. It was a boxset containing Paige, Stella and Chrissie. 

    I also received the books for Christmas (such as getting Elisa the Adventure Fairy) and getting all seven Sweet Fairies as a Easter gift in 2013. Heading into the town centre whenever possible to buy…

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  • LexsJB

    Hi everyone

    This isn't a blog I'm going to spend much effort on, but I just felt as if I needed to share this with you. If you've got other things to do (revision, outings, dates), don't waste time reading this.

    Yesterday whilst in the local shopping centre (looking for CDs, btw), we made a quick pit stop in Waterstones (kinda glad that there's still one that exists near us). For those across the pond, Waterstones is/was a great bookshop chain that's on the edge of being extinct like many other great shops (like Blockbuster and Borders and Woolworths. Sorry, going off topic). Whilst I waited for my friend, I went to check out the Rainbow Magic books on sale. The first Waterstones shut down a few years ago, and they had a whole revolving she…

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  • PrincessRosalina


    May 26, 2017 by PrincessRosalina

    While I was reading Kate & Elizabeth, I noticed that there are some mistakes at the cover. WIP


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  • Wixelt

    For a while now, i've been thinking about Rainspell Island. With my revitalised interest in Rainbow Magic, one of the things that has peaked my curiosity is the number of series that apparently take place on this magical island. In a way it makes sense, as this was where the story began, so a return there has some merit to it.

    But this got me thinking. The locations on the map of the island change with each volume, both in location and even their very presence, with some locales making way for others between tales. This isn't a literal in-story disappearance, of course, as the map is hardly to scale, meaning these alterations are more for the purpose of drawing attention to the areas related to a specific story. So whilst the scale may not b…

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  • LexsJB

    Hi everybody,

    Yesterday I bought Tiana the Toy Fairy in the Land of Sweets. I don't know why. I'm not a fan of Tiana, I didn't really enjoy the first book, but I guess I was just curious since it's different to the others. Looking at the statistics, I can see that 'Tiana the Toy Fairy' is one of the most popular pages on the wiki, so for the few visitors who read blogs, this may be useful for you if you're putting thought into buying books.

    I haven't written a book review in years so it might be a bit unstructured or boring. Sorry bout that.

    Rachel and Kirsty are at Rachel's school disco (a nice unofficial reference to Jade the Disco Fairy where the girls go to Kirsty's school disco) and they're havin' a RADICAL time dancing to loud music, ma…

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  • PrincessRosalina

    I'm researching some info on Rainbow Magic when My Mind reminds me to go in RM's Australian Website. I was surprised there's An Unused Fairy named Matilda the Flying Fox Fairy and her animal Swish. It is located in the Activities Page . Too Bad, One of the Fashion Fairies got her name who's also a Hair Stylist, and There's no Google Search Results.

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  • Wixelt

    Just posting this thought here whilst I remember.

    It has for a long time been apparent to me that for many long time fans of Rainbow Magic, the (sort of) anime move Return To Rainspell Island in an alternate timeline of a sort. The basis of this is that it apparently takes place following the Rainbow Fairies set (books 1-7) and ignores everything from the Weather Fairies (book 8-14) onward. I, meanwhile, disagree, and believe that the movie takes place in the same series of events as the rest of the book series. My reasoning for this is something I will go into now, but be warned that it's a little flawed by the virtue of relying on taking entirely unintended meanings of lines in the movie that would otherwise contradict it.

    Now, it might be best …

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  • Wixelt

    Hello World

    April 18, 2017 by Wixelt

    Hello there!

    My name is Wixelt. If my profile didn't give it away, i'm, as far as i'm aware, the only young, adult male fan of Rainbow Magic on the internet (maybe an exagerration, but it certainly feels like it). Having grown up with these books, they constitute a large part of my childhood, so I feel a great nostalgia for them.

    Over the years, i've kind of gone off them and come back repeatedly, the most recent time being in the past few weeks, due to needing something from a simpler time in my life to latch on to during the mental stress of a house move. The end of result of this is that I have several shelves full of Rainbow Magic books, all lined up neatly, both in number order and, for the specials, the order they came out in (the exce…

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  • LexsJB

    The Life of a Fairy

    April 17, 2017 by LexsJB


    How are you? I'm alright thanks but I've been thinking about this subject a lot recently. It never occurred to me how much I enjoyed looking into the series and what goes on beyond the stories so I thought I'd group my two (so far) theory blogs together with a simple banner at the top of every blog to make things neater. Who knows? There might be more to come.

    Anyway. A while ago, I wrote a page on fairy birth (because a wiki contributor asked about it) but I deleted it and moved it to the fan art page since it wasn't official. As the series has moved on, it has revealed fairies who aren't special (sorry that sounds so mean) and are just in the background. To be honest, I never thought about fairies in the background as I thought every f…

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  • LexsJB

    Rainbow Reminiscing

    April 6, 2017 by LexsJB


    How are you? Good? That's great. I've realised in my past blogs I've been saying quite a lot about the negative things of Rainbow Magic, like the new design and the low quality of the story writing and illustrations. Now that I'm older and slowly starting to lose interest in the stories, I thought back on all the good times I've had with the series since it came out.

    • Listening to Pearl the Cloud Fairy (my first book)

    I genuinely felt exhilaration when the girls tickled the goblin with the feather or something, and how they ate candyfloss clouds (combined with Charlie and Lola eating mashed potato clouds, I came to really like clouds back then). Also, Pearl looked a lot like my sister.

    • Dressing up as Fern the Green Fairy for World Book Day
    • V…

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  • CoolStar1998

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to make this cos I want to get my thoughts out on the fourth and last book of the Friendship Fairies. And my first attempt at a book review.

    Some of you may be wondering why I didn't start with the first one, Esther. When I went to Waterstones, they only had Clare and Mimi on the shelf, besides other RM titles. In WHSmith they had Esther and Mary, but I didn't want them at the time and was happy with the five books I bought. 

    When I first started Clare's story, I was a bit disappointed seeing the words at the bottom of the first page: "Join the Rainbow Magic Reading Challenge." Especially the last couple of pages at the end, it feels kind of forceful to me as a long term reader of RM. 

    As I read, I was a little distract…

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  • PrincessRosalina

    Hi, Everyone! As I'm doing my Research here in RM Wiki, I've just checking Wayback Machine to look for Mia and Juliet's Name Polls. You remember that Mia and Juliet are the only fairies to have their names chosen by Rainbow Magic Fans. According to my Research, Here are their Former Names:

    • Alicia
    • Belle
    • Lily
    • Mia

    • Vanessa
    • Rosie
    • Juliet
    • Belle
    • Emma

    • Mia the Bridesmaid Fairy Poll & Result
    • Juliet the Valentine Fairy Poll & Result 1 & 2

    Sorry, I Made a Mistake on the Title. It should be Fairies'.

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  • LexsJB

    Hello everyone,

    How are you? I’m good thanks but if you’re an unregistered user, you might not be very good by the end of the blog. Not many Fandom Users read blogs but this one is just here to notify everyone of the big thing that (kind of accidently) happened.

    Because I like essay blogs, I’m going to pad this one out a bit even though it doesn’t need it. If you don’t care and only want to know what I’m on about, feel free to skip most of it. You may notice lots of bold writing in this blog just to emphasise certain words. 


    Unregistered users are also known as Fandom Users or as they used to be called Wiki Contributors. If you haven’t signed up for an account with an email, you’re an unregistered user. In most wikis, Fandom Users can’t add…

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  • LexsJB

    How old are Rachel and Kirsty?

    February 11, 2017 by LexsJB


    Today, I'm going to tackle a common question that comes up in the series- how old are Rachel and Kirsty?

    We know Rachel is 3 months younger than Kirsty (in Cherry the Cake Fairy) and they're in the same school year. Kirsty goes to Wetherbury High in Carly the Schoolfriend Fairy. Secondary schools (ages 11-16) in the UK are sometimes called high schools, but not like the American version (ages 14-18). Rachel's school, Tippington School, gives no reference to which type of school it is.

    There are two stories where Kirsty's birthday takes place: Cherry the Cake Fairy and Nina the Birthday Cake Fairy.

    In Nina the Birthday Cake Fairy, she doesn't have a certain number of candles, but letter candles that spell out her name. Useful. In Cherry t…

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  • LexsJB

    Rainbow Rants

    January 23, 2017 by LexsJB

    Ayyy how are you all?

    Welcome to another essay blog complete with pictures I annotated and arranged myself. Today, I'll be complaining about the faults this series has. Not that anyone is concerned or anyone will do anything about it.

    Feel free to zoom in or click on a photo if it's too small. Soz about any kinda pixilation.

    I know very much that literally no one cares a bit about the illustrations of the series but I do so much. The series's drawings were what inspired me to draw when I was younger and they've influenced my drawing style so so much. And now I'm going to insult them and rant about them because there's a really annoying thing about the illustrations for a drawer like me.

    And that is the fact that they reuse the pictures. I know…

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  • Rubyroobes

    Daisy Meadows Help

    January 7, 2017 by Rubyroobes

    Can any of you help with some useful facts on Daisy Meadows for a school project. I can't seem to find that many online. Thank you in advance xx

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  • LexsJB

    Old style vs. New style

    December 26, 2016 by LexsJB


    Merry Christmas. I hope you had a good day yesterday full of magic (sadly it isn't as easy to believe in Father Christmas at my age but I try my best). It was also sad too because one musician I sort of liked died, but that's 2016 for you.

    Anyway, for Christmas, I jokingly asked for a fairy book and I actually got one - Mimi the Laughter Fairy. It's the first book in the new style that I've managed to actually hold, and that isn't in a digital format on my iPad. When reading it, I immediately realised many differences between the new style and old style, not just the graphics. When I made a blog about my thoughts on the new design, I asked myself lots of questions like if the fairy on the side was still there or if the book was physicall…

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  • CoolStar1998

    Hope your all doing good this month. I can't believe 2016 has gone by so fast and it's nearly Christmas again!

    After reading LexsJB's 'Big changes' blog, looking at the logos made me think about the wiki, so I wanted to look back over the last couple of years since I joined and how much it grew over the three years that I've been on. 


    This was the year that I first joined the wiki. It started when I was searching up the 2011 RM titles, the Showtime Fairies, online and noticed one of the books linked to Rainbow magic wiki. I went to the page and noticed that it had false information of the fairies' appearances (the page for each fairy was made before the series was released in April 2011) but I thought it was true back then.

    I noticed the …

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  • LexsJB

    Big changes

    November 29, 2016 by LexsJB

    Ayyy how are you all?

    It's been a long time since I did a blog. Luckily this time, it isn't an analysing, long essay blog but I do miss writing them. I just need a subject to write about. Anyway, recently, I've been designing a new wiki logo because the old one was drawn years ago and I find it amateur and boring now. Yeah, you can see where I've coloured it in and outlined it. So i designed a new logo. I got the pictures of Rachel and Kirsty from the Big book of Fairies and removed the background of them. Then I coloured in the 'Special Thanks' pictures of Vanessa the Dance Steps Fairy (did you know she has no wings in that picture? i had to draw them myself) and Paige the Pantomime Fairy. Then I realised it wasn't the correct size so I we…

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  • Rainbow Kate Forever

    Ok, so, how old are the girls. I think their around ten. But they would be like really aged since 2003.

    Tell what you think in the coments

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  • Rainbow Kate Forever

    I'm New

    November 24, 2016 by Rainbow Kate Forever

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this wiki. On my user page you will see all the wikis I've joined.

    I hope I make good new friends.

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  • Megan Maylor

    How to save the planet

    October 14, 2016 by Megan Maylor

    Hi guys. it's Megan Maylor, and today I'm going to show you some of The Green fairies' job to save the planet by doing the right thing, there is all 7 videos that they were on. but it's not a videos that I add; but I wrote the videos, so. without futher ado. let's get started.

    Nicole: Green Fairies. this beach is a mess! we've got some litter to throw away. but we're putting them at the back of our car,

    Lily: Nicole. how many litters are we going to pick up?

    Nicole: Mmm... I don't know. let's add up the litters after we pick them up.

    (Green Fairies picking up the litters)

    Nicole: Alright. how many litters have you got? I've only got one.

    Isabella: I've got two!

    Edie: I've got three!

    Coral: I've got four!

    Lily: I've got five!

    Carrie: I've got six!

    Milly: I've g…

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  • PrincessRosalina

    As a Rainbow Magic Fan, I'm sharing to you all of my Experiences about my Rainbow Magic Books I've got in Bookstores. I've joined this fandom since 2007-2009 on the internet, and I'm interested to read it. I didn't know RM Books are available in the Philippines, and I haven't met some Filipino RM Fans like me.  

    • The First Rainbow Magic Book I've Read is Thea the Thursday Fairy. I've often saw these in Bookstores for an Expensive Price, and This book costs P75 (Same Price as Special Edition Books), but I didn't bought it.  
    • Hannah the Happy Ever After Fairy is my First Ever RM Book. Actually, this is a One-Off for World Book Day. This is where I'm Going to Plan as a Writer like Rachel Did with the Magic Quill Pen.
    • My Second RM Book is Juliet th…
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  • LexsJB

    More changes

    January 20, 2016 by LexsJB


    Hi everybody, I'm sure you've noticed the new book covers for the highly anticipated series, the Friendship Fairies? Congratulations to CoolStar for putting them up. But I'm here today to put an emphasis on what's different about the new series book covers...they've changed completely.

    It's a no-brainer. They've changed:

    • the layout of the book cover
    • the logo
    • the fairy on the logo
    • the trademark rainbow at the bottom corner
    • the font
    • the magical sparkles

    Since I haven't got a copy yet I don't know if they're physically sparkly or not. I don't know if they've got the fairy on the side of the books but they're obviously completely different. When I uploaded the picture of the early reader version of Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy I noticed the new l…

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  • LexsJB

    Things I've done today

    January 10, 2016 by LexsJB

    Hi everyone,

    The wiki is very deserted nowadays but don't worry, it shows you all have active lives. Now, don't worry, I'm not going to be talking about my Sunday routine because I feel like it, no, I've had tons of free time today and after finishing a 4-page history essay on Vladimir Lenin using the most speedy computer and keyboard I've ever experienced, I decided that I was in the perfect mood for typing and I edited lots. We all like to talk about ourselves, don't we, so that's why I've been clicking the 'random page' button and adding in a poll asking readers if they like the character. Like this 19:09, January 10, 2016 (UTC)

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  • LexsJB

    Authors & the 4-fairy series

    October 26, 2015 by LexsJB

    Hello, everyone. It's another essay blog! Yay. All the more to read. I've done too many posts on changes of the series, first it's The End, then The End (again?), then The Evolution of Rainbow Magic and my favourites are listed there, chronologically and in order of worst to best. But that doesn't matter. This post is here today to discuss the authors, whose names have been written in the "Special Thanks to" page of each book. And also a very probable idea to why the series changed to four fairies.

    So everyone old enough knows Daisy Meadows isn't an actual person, only a pseudonym to cover up many authors, who are:

    • Linda Chapman
    • Narinder Dhami
    • Sue Mongredien
    • Sue Bentley
    • Rachel Elliot
    • Mandy Archer
    • Tracey West
    • Marilyn Kaye
    • Kristen Earhart
    • Shannon Penn…

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  • LexsJB


    August 6, 2015 by LexsJB


    Recently I've been doing some researching about the illustrations in rainbow magic. Yes I care a lot about them since I only really buy the books because I like the illustrations, but I discovered that Georgie Ripper is no longer the illustrator.

    According to the copyright stuff on the Big Book of Fairies, series up to the end of the Sporty Fairies were illustrated by her. Then who illustrated the rest? The copyright stuff says "all other illustrations...underlying copyright owned by Georgie Ripper". I looked what that means up and an underlying copyright is where work is derived from the original. For example, you know some songs nowadays have extracts of older other songs in them, I think the original artist would have an underlying …

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  • LexsJB

    Hello everybody.

    I'm writing this at 3am where I am at the moment. I'm very tired, but I need to write about this. The sample for Charlotte the Baby Princess Fairy is out now and I am pretty sad because the name Charlotte is already taken, but they still went ahead and did it anyway. I think the publisher might get some ugly feedback from stealing a first generation fairy's name to be used for a newer fairy. Almost like replacing, right? The story starts off with the girls at Mrs Walker's friend Emily's house holding her baby Jessica. Then Mrs Walker talks briefly about Rachel as a baby etc and then Charlotte is standing inside a dolls house and the sample finishes there. The point of this is to tell you that they actually went along with i…

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  • DazzleTheLights

    Oh wow

    July 3, 2015 by DazzleTheLights

    It's been nearly, actually more than a year since my last visit. Good grief.

    Also, I now notice how actually bad my fairy art looks, wonder if I've improved?

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  • CoolStar1998


    June 6, 2015 by CoolStar1998

    Hey there,

    You might have noticed by now that Rainbow Magic is still continuing, since I noticed the 5 new titles out in 2016. I was at school and went on the laptop, to find the Storybook Fairies on Amazon (without the covers) so I made pages for them. Half hour later the covers came up so I put the covers onto the pages. The day before, I was browsing on Amazon that I came across both the cover and info of Becky the Best Friend Fairy, so I made a page for that as well. 

    So far of 2015, I only have Heidi the Vet Fairy, which I find an entertaining read. I haven't got the other books yet, but have read the samples. 

    I have been thinking that Becky the Best Friend Fairy somehow relates to Florence the Friendship Fairy, since I put on the book …

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  • LexsJB

    Hey everyone,

    How are you all doing? I'm fine thanks, you? Well, actually, I'm not exactly fine. Daisy the Festival Fairy came out yesterday and I've been enthusing over it for 4 months but I was sorely disappointed. For those who know me, I love the celebrities of Rainbow Magic but I won't say any more. I'm not saying Daisy is a terrible book, I thought it had an awesome storyline, but there's just this one thing that really got to me.

    But anyhow, I was thinking today about how much I used to love Rainbow Magic. And after CoolStar posted the pages of Becky the Best Friend Fairy and the Storybook Fairies, I realised "this series is never gonna end". Which isn't a bad thing! Not bad! But it's amazing how long homely childhood memory things ca…

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  • LexsJB

    The end? (again?)

    April 26, 2015 by LexsJB

    Hello, people

    It's time someone did something new on this wiki. All I see is messages and stuff like that. But to be honest, the wiki's fine. It doesn't need any changing unless something new comes out...which it might not...

    I'm gonna write tons here, partly because Sunday afternoons are boring and no one will read this since the wiki is lonely but I'll carry on anyway. I've settled down, lying on my stomach in my tiny bedroom, listening to Take That (yeah, that's the kind of music a teenager like me has on their spotify playlist). You see, I think Rainbow Magic actually might be finishing. ¡¿12 years!? That's a long time for a book series. Every month, people like me look on websites like Amazon and book depository to look for new rainbow …

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  • CoolStar1998

    Saturday blog

    November 29, 2014 by CoolStar1998

    Sorry I haven't been on in the past couple of months, since my laptop had broke until I received a brand new one yesterday. I've recently brought Giselle the Christmas Ballet Fairy and Luna the Loom Band Fairy on 26/11 and read half of Giselle; it's a really good story so far.

    I brought Tilly the Teacher Fairy on the day it was published, which was 4th September. I read a bit of the book at school, it was ok but wasn't as interesting as the previous books. I've noticed the book cover image of Daisy the Festival Fairy has appeared on Waterstones site and I've also read the sample of Heidi the Vet Fairy. 

    Anyway, since it's my first day back after a long hiatus, the editing format has changed. Enjoy your Christmas, and have fun editing to imp…

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  • DazzleTheLights

    Front page

    August 7, 2014 by DazzleTheLights

    I found the front page was really long so I decided to shorten it up a bit with image links! Also, I made a banner to add a little colour to the page, too. Tell me what you think. Also, everything's reversible, so don't worry if you want the old page back.

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  • Lalalei2001

    Secret Kingdom

    July 16, 2014 by Lalalei2001

    I found another series that's similar to Rainbow Magic.

    "The first book in the Secret Kingdom series introduces Ellie, Summer and Jasmine, who are the very best of friends. One day they find a magic box which whisks them away to a fantastical world! Can the friends help Trixi the pixie save King Merry's 1000th birthday party from Queen Malice's spiky thunderbolt...?

    Secret Kingdom is a brand new series full of the things girls love most: special friendships, secrets and magical adventures. Newly confident readers will be swept away by the magical stories of three children whose courage and resourcefulness save a fantastical land from disaster."

    There's official art of it here!

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  • Lalalei2001

    Anyone ever had Rainbow Magic-related dreams?

    I had one last night where I was at a library and saw new Rainbow Magic books. I remember there being a Coffee Fairy, a Wisdom Fairy, and a Finale Fairy, the latter of whom acted as the very last book in the series. In the book, Jack Frost had captured Rebecca Wilson (last seen in Danielle the Daisy Fairy) and was holding her at his Ice Castle. I think he had also created magical icy leaves which, when held, made Rachel and Kirsty gloomy. It was sort of the opposite of a traditional RM book in that rather than getting something back from Jack Frost, they had to get rid of things he put in the human world. I THINK Rebecca was saved, but I woke up before I could read how it ended.

    I'm very glad the…

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  • DazzleTheLights

    It means I can actually do things! Yay! Now let me get started on moving those pages :/

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  • Lalalei2001

    4 instead of 7

    July 5, 2014 by Lalalei2001

    I was doing some research on Orchard Books and noticed that the Secret Kingdom book series also tells its stories in sets of four, and it appears the Magic Animal Friends series does as well. I guess Rainbow Magic will be doing the same!

    Secret Kingdom also reminds me of the Rainbow Magic series, though it's penned by a different author (who I THINK may also be ghostwritten.) Their enemies are Queen Malice and the Storm Sprites, and there are three heroines named Jasmine, Ellie and Summer.

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  • Lalalei2001

    What's your favorite battle Rachel and Kirsty have had with Jack Frost?

    I have a top 6:

    1. Elisa the Royal Adventure Fairy. In this one, Jack Frost froze Rachel solid, and Kirsty had to fly in and rescue her! It was a great way to show the bond between friends.

    2. Holly the Christmas Fairy. While this wasn't exactly a battle, it marked the girls' first visit to the Ice Castle, and they actually got captured while there! Only quick thinking saved the day.

    3. Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy. Again, not exactly a battle, but in this one they got captured on purpose to trick Jack Frost--and things went sour when they couldn't think of a way out at first!

    4. Lucy the Diamond Fairy, for Jack Frost being menacing enough to try and impale the girls wi…

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  • LexsJB

    Magical animal friends

    July 3, 2014 by LexsJB

    So I downloaded the samples on iBooks and this is what I think of them:

    It's not really "Daisy"'s style of writing. It's more detailed and boring. I couldn't stick to the plot when I first read them, but they got a tiny bit better as I reread them. I'm not saying they're bad, but I don't think they'll be as big a hit as Rainbow Magic. I miss Georgie's illustrations. But my opinions mean nothing to you, so don't be put off! I'm just a random person in the world, no one cares what my opinion on a book is.

    Also, Detiny the Pop Star Fairy Early Reader is coming out in August, followed by Keira the Film Star Fairy Easy Reader. I'm really looking forward to seeing coloured illustrations in Destiny's book! So so excited.

    LexsJBTalk 16:17, July 3, 20…

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  • LexsJB

    The end?

    June 21, 2014 by LexsJB

    Hi everybody.

    Following the logic of Lalalei2001, I actually think this series might be coming to an end.

    "It seems like this could be the last book in the series, given the shift to 4 fairies per series, the new Magical Animal Friends series coming out, and the fact that this fairy shares Daisy Meadows' name!"

    I think that might be true because there are now 4 fairies per series and the new Magic Animal Friend books are being published. The first one is out in July I think. I'm going to download the sample on my iPad, but we'll see. But I've been searching the web for random info about RM and an large amount of complaint blogs and articles came up from parents, saying that the books are "too sexist", "too disposable and short" and "too predi…

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  • DazzleTheLights

    I was thinking that since most of this wiki is fanart, we could just move off the official pages, then move the fanpages and delete them, and then put the official pages back on. I'm not sure if this will work or not, it's just an idea I came up with and stuff. And stuff.

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  • DazzleTheLights

    Sorry guys!

    May 19, 2014 by DazzleTheLights

    I've just taken my maths test and now I've got Science and Geography projects coming up. Argh!

    Sorry for the inactivity on the wiki - I'll try to do something soon :)

    Dazzle 04:00, May 19, 2014 (UTC)

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  • DazzleTheLights


    I've found that since we can transfer all pages in a category, all we need to do is add each image into the same category, and then transfer them together, that is easier than uploading them one by one.

    So, if you find an image in a fanart page, please click on the image to go to the image's page, then add the image to the "Fan art images" category. (Not the actual page that the image is posted on, the page that shows the image's information)


    Dazzle 22:22, May 7, 2014 (UTC)

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  • DazzleTheLights

    Hello guys!

    The Rainbow Magic Fanart Wiki is filled with our fanwork now, but we still have a lot to move and then we have to delete the fan pages off this wiki.

    But for now, let's move more pages!

    I've learnt how to use the Special:Export and Special:Import commands, and it's super easy! 

    Step One: Be an admin. Because though you can use the Export as a normal user, you can't import and so that's pretty pointless.

    Step Two: Find a page or category that needs moving. Check this blog to find which ones have already been moved (to prevent duplicates)

    Step Three: Go here:

    Step Four: Type in the name of the page or category.

    Step Five: Export!

    Step Six: Go here:…

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  • DazzleTheLights

    128 pages are now on the Rainbow Magic Fanart Wiki!

    All pages below are transported, they can now be deleted.

    How exactly? I think you need a person from Wikia itself to bulk delete pages, but admins do have the power to delete them one by one. However, if we do delete them one by one, that's an annoying and painful process. But we'll find a way :)

















    The_Cupcake_Fairies …

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  • DazzleTheLights

    Oh my gosh

    May 6, 2014 by DazzleTheLights

    When did this happen

    I'm an admin of this wiki now!

    I'm an admin of this wiki!

    Thank you so much, guys! *hugs*

    I'll try my best to contribute even more :)

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  • DazzleTheLights

    Following Lexy's suggestion, I've created the Rainbow Magic Fanart Wiki! I don't even know why I decided to do it, I really should've let her do it herself, but anyway it's done. Woohoo!

    Check it out at[http://] .

    And now we have the extremely difficult job of moving all the fanart pages over there...

    (By the way, I'm going to make the admins of this wiki admins of that one as well :) )

    Read more >

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