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Baby Farm Animal Fairies
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Series 27th
Number 168-171*
Preceding Friendship Fairies
Succeeding Candy Land Fairies
Logo None
Location Greenfields Farm, near Wetherbury Village
Special Thanks Rachel Elliot
Publish date UKflag 9 March 2017
NAflag 27 Feb 2018

The Baby Farm Animal Fairies (U.S name: Farm Animal Fairies) is the 27th series and represents farm animals. Without their own pets, farm animals everywhere behave strangely.

There are four Baby Farm Animal fairies and they are: Debbie the Duckling Fairy, Elodie the Lamb Fairy, Penelope the Foal Fairy and Billie the Baby Goat Fairy.


Kirsty and Rachel are visiting Greenfields Farm, owned by Niall and Harriet Hawkins, when they are taken to the Fluttering Fairyland Farm to meet the Baby Farm Animal Fairies. But after nasty Jack Frost casts a spell on the fairies' special pets, farm animals everywhere start behaving very strangely. Can the girls help their friends put things right? 

Jack Frost's Poem

I want a farm that's just for me,

With animals I won't set free.

It's far too slow to seek each one.

Let fairy magic get this done!

With magic from the fairy farm,

I'll grant my wish -- to their alarm!

And if I spoil the humans' fun,

Then Jack Frost really will have won!

The Fairies 

Debbie the Duckling Fairy

Debbie flew out of a duck's nest to greet the girls. She has brown-blonde hair and wears a green t-shirt, shorts and ankle boots. Without her pet duckling, ducks behave like puppies. 

Elodie the Lamb Fairy


Elodie was hiding in a tuft of lamb wool when she met the girls. She has brown curly hair, wearing a pink-and-purple dress with brown boots. Without her pet lamb, lambs start meowing like cats!

Penelope the Foal Fairy


Penelope flew out of a middle of a hay bale. She has brown hair tied with a head scarf and wears a white shirt with a skirt and boots. Without her pet foal, foals act like piglets.

Billie the Baby Goat Fairy

Billie was inside a bucket when the girls noticed it glowing. She has long brown hair, wearing blue sparkly dungarees with a white t-shirt and trainers. Without her pet baby goat, goats start to behave like chickens. 
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