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Alyssa the Snow Queen Fairy




Alyssa illustration

Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Holiday Special
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Snowflake, Mirror and Rose
Symbol(s) Snowflakes
Preceding Catherine the Fashion Princess Fairy
Succeeding Becky the Best Friend Fairy
Location Tippington Town
Special Thanks Rachel Elliot
Publish date UKflag 5 November 2015
NAflag 27 December 2016

Alyssa the Snow Queen Fairy (U.S. name: Alicia the Snow Queen Fairy) is the 34th fairy in the Holiday Special Fairies series.


Alyssa has long blonde hair held back by a silver tiara. She wears a long, sparkly blue dress with a fur-trimmed cape over her shoulders. Her wings are pale blue and diamond-shaped.  

Symbol: Snowflakes 

Magical Objects/ Job:

Magic Objects:

  1. Magical snowflake: makes winter weather just right, not too harsh or too cold.
  2. Enchanted mirror: Helps humans and fairies to see between the good and bad of winter.
  3. Everlasting rose: makes sure that new flowers will grow each Spring. 

Job: Ensuring that winter remains a happy time throughout the human world and Fairyland. 

Jack Frost's Poem

Wintry weather's my domain,

I love the hail and freezing rain.

Alyssa's magic makes me sneer,

The winter gloom should last all year!

I want the winter winds to bite,

And folk to shiver day and night.

I'll steal her icy spells and then,

The spring will never come again!


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