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A-OK are one of Rachel and Kirsty's favourite boy groups. The members are Jez, Amir, Rio and Finn. They appear in Jessie the Lyrics Fairy and Adele the Singing Coach Fairy.

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Left to right: Jez, Amir, Rio, Finn



Jez has scruffy black hair and wore a scarf with a jacket.


Amir has sticky-uppy brown hair and wore a shirt and a jacket.


Rio has short blonde hair with a white trilby hat and wore a shiny waistcoat and a jumper.


Finn has really short black hair and wore a jumper with a jacket.


A-OK have a single. The song name is unknown but these are the lyrics:

  • I'd climb the highest mountain,
  • Just to be with you.
  • I'd swim the deepest river,
  • Just to be with you.


  • The names belonging to each boy are unknown, but it is assumed that they are drawn in the order described.
  • Their singing coach is Alto Adams- the best singing coach in the world.
  • 'Gobby', one of Jack Frost's goblins joined the group but only for a few hours until he thought the other goblins had tricked him.
  • In the U.S. version, Jez is changed to Jeff.
  • Rachel and Kirsty break into their trailer.
  • The Angels say they're good friends with the boys.


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